Friday, September 7, 2012

Almost Amish by Kathryn Cushman

Almost Amish is a book that takes family, in this case a cookbook writer and her sister-in-law and their teen aged children, and follows their experience on a reality show.  The reality show takes the faced paced family to a rural setting and sees how they can live almost like the Amish for a summer.  The kids seem to have a hard time dealing with the changes especially no cell phones, computers, etc.  The family seems to get used to it and each learns a little something new about themselves.  The character of Susan really seemed to get on my nerves.  Susan was the perfect mom and she killed herself trying to do it.  Her sister in law Julie seemed to be someone I could more identify with in the book.  Julie was trying to find her talent in life.  I love how the book tried to teach that everyone has a talent. 
Overall I really liked this book.  I also enjoyed the romances within the story.