Saturday, May 21, 2011

Second Chance Bride by Jane Myers Perrine

Second Chance Bride written by Jane Myers Perrine is the first Love Inspired Historical that I have read.   The Love Inspired books have always caught my eye and I’ve had this book for awhile on my to read list.  I’m so glad I finally read it!  This Love Inspired Historical takes place in the 1880’s. The story is about Annie MacAllister who is going to Trails End to leave her old life behind.  We learn that Annie had a very hard life.  Her father beat her when she did not make enough money, she slept outside a lot, and after her mother dies she is forced to get a job in a brothel as a prostitute.  After her father dies and the house is sold to pay for debts, and she decides it is time for her to start over.  With little money to her name, she takes the stage to Trail’s End.  Along the journey, she meets Matilda Susan Cunningham.  Matilda is very nice to Annie.  Annie learns she is on her way to meet her new employer and that she has no living relatives.  On the way there, the stage loses a wheel and they have a serious accident.  Matilda is killed and Annie is bruised up.  Annie decides to tell the stage coach driver that the dead person is her and she assumes Matilda’s identity.  When she finally gets to Trail’s End she meets Matilda’s employer, John Matthew Sullivan who is the school board chairman.  Annie learns Matilda was going to be the new school teacher.  She wonders how she will do the job since she is can't read or write.  Annie has never had a warm place to sleep and plenty of food and she does here, so she decides she will learn to read and write and will teach the children as she learns.  She ends up doing a good job and just when she thinks she is in the free, one of Matilda’s friend’s writes her a letter, an old brothel customer spots her, she finds the Lord in her life and does not want to sin anymore, and then John falls in love with her.  How will she pull it all off and still get to be Matilda Susan Cunningham?  Will she find true love like she has never experienced?  Will she finally get a second chance?  You will have to read to find out. 
I thought the story sounded kind of crazy and that Annie would never get away with assuming someone else’s identity.  The story really got me interested from Chapter one, and I found myself wanting everything to work out for Annie.  I felt like she deserved it!  This is such a feel good story that includes love and overcoming the worst of things.  I love the fact that the book looked at overcoming things, like sin, by asking for forgiveness from a loving God and recieving it because Jesus Christ died so our sins could be forgiven.   Annie and John both learn a lot about forgiveness in the book.  I really like the book and the love story and recommend it to people who love romances, historical fiction, and inspirational fiction.  If you don’t like a lot of inspiration in the books you read, this book is probably not for you. for some reason, I have stayed away from Love Inspired books because I thought they were like Harlequin romance novels, which I don't really care for at all, but this story was so great, I will have to give them another chance!

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