Monday, October 18, 2010

Book Review: Simple Deceit

Simple Deceit by Nancy Mehl is the second book in her Harmony series. I was given an advance copy of this book to review through NetGalley and Barbour publishers. Grace Temple is returning to Harmony, a small Mennonite Commuinty after finishing her job and moving out of her apartment to live in the house her late Uncle Benjamin left her. She also going back to work on a freelance project her boss has given her. She is working for a group who is trying to build a retirement center close to Harmony that is anticipated to bring lots of needed customers for the small town of Harmony. Once again, as soon as Grace enters Harmony she is dealt with conflict, as she sees a mother leaving her baby on the steps of the church. That starts lots of conflict going on in Harmony. The community members start to blame Grace for what is going on in Harmony. Gracie and her boyfriend Sam also get into a fight and Gracie thinks the relationship might be over. The people in Harmony also get caught in a huge blizzard and once again the community comes together to help each other. Once you thought nothing else bad could happen more awful things happen to the community. At the end, we learn of the deceit that had been going on the entire time. We also understand the secrets and mysteries that the reader has been trying to figure out are finally revealed and just when you think they have all been revealed we learn of another secret that I feel sure the author will deal more within the next book to the series.

This is the second book that I have read by this author and I really enjoy her writing style. I just can’t seem to put the book down. So much happens in one day in the story and in the few days that the story is happening that the reader is trying hard to guess or find out who did it and what the real story is behind the things that are happening. I would highly recommend this book, but read the first book in the series first. That book lays a lot of groundwork for the second. This book would be a perfect read during a winter storm. I felt like I was right there with the characters in the storm. Simple Deceit comes out December 1, 2010.

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