Friday, October 1, 2010

My October Top 10 Wish List

I have 141 books on my to read list on Goodreads.  These are just books that I found online or someone told me was good and I decided I wanted to keep a record so I could remember which books I might find appealing.  I don't ever know when I will get to all of them.  So, I decided to post my top 10 that are on my wish list right now. I plan to update these every month.

1. Wanted- Shelley Shepard Gray
2. Forgiven- Shelley Shepard Gray
3. Grace- Shelley Shepard Gray
4. The Thorn- Beverly Lewis
5. Anna's Return- Marta Perry
6. Sarah's Garden- Kelly Long
7. A Promise for Ellie- Lauraine Snelling
8. The Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins
9. The Sister Wife- Diane Noble
10. Down to the Bone- Karen Harper

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