Friday, April 8, 2011

The Protector by Shelley Shepard Gray

After reading The Caregiver by Shelley Shepard Gray, I knew I wanted to read the next book in this Families of Honor Series. The Protector continued the story started in The Caregiver, but we also see some new characters. The main character is Ella. The story opens with Ella auctioning off the family farm and all the other items on the farm after the death of her mother. Loyal Weaver decides he wants to buy Ella’s family land so he can move out on his own and farm. He also buys a lot of other items. Ella knows he can manage the farm better than her, but she still feels some bitterness. Ella has loved Loyal since they were in school together but nobody seemed to ever notice Ella. Many even called her, “Plain Ella.” Only one person really visited her often while she cared for her mother and she decides to take Dorothy up on her offer to live in town in Dorothy’s duplex. Dorothy also gets her a job at the local library so Dorothy and Ella can always be together. Loyal starts to include Ella in the improvements of the farm he bought, and Dorothy gets jealous. Loyal also starts to notice Ella. Will they ever get together or will jealous Dorothy stand in the way. Read this delightful story to find out.

I would not call myself a fast reader, but the pages flew by for me with this story. I read it in about one day because I could not put it down. I could not wait to see what was going to happen next. The story has lots of adventure and excitement (some not so good.) Another charter we see from book1 is Mattie who is recovering from breast cancer. Her character is going through a lot. She does not seem to want to fall in love and have a family because she’s afraid she will not be around for most of it. Will that stop her from losing the man she really loves? I can’t wait to see what Shelley Shepard Gray has in story for this romance waiting to happen. We also see Uncle John again in this story still struggling with his love of two women. He knows if he picks one of them he will likely have to go back to being Amish and he wonders if this is God’s way of telling him to do so or not. I think the reader was given a hint as to what will happen, but I am really looking forward to reading book 3 in this series, The Survivor. I liked the theme of protectors in this book.  you could see the characters protecting each other a lot.

The Protector comes out July 1, 2011. If you love Amish fiction, you will not want to miss it! I recommend reading The Caregiver before reading this book. I was given a digital copy of this book from HarperCollins publishing and Net Galley. I was not required to give a positive review, but an honest one.

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